Leg Five Wrapup and Results

Contributed by Damon_Linkous on May 14, 2010 - 09:59 PM

Leg five from Daytona Beach to Fernandina Beach went very well with no major problems and all teams finishing before 5:30 pm. Beautiful sailing weather prevailed and the teams initially split about evenly on staying close to shore or heading outside the layline in search of more breeze. Eventually all teams returned to the layline or farther inland except for one, who ventured about 10 miles offshore looking for more wind.

Times for Thursday, Leg 5,  Daytona Beach to Fernandina Beach

4:22:15 Royal Yellow
4:26:05 Velocity One
4:26:58 Bugaboo
4:29:19 AHPC
4:34:08 Seacats Orange
4:34:24 Royal Orange
4:38:00 Seacats Adrenaline
4:38:08 Royal Blue
4:45:41 PepPod Sailing
4:50:17 Velocity 4
4:53:53 Royal White
4:58:57 Velocity 2
4:59:51 Velocity 3
5:29:55 Velocity 5


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