Leg Four Wrap-Up and Finish Times (Cocoa Beach to Daytona Beach)

Contributed by Damon_Linkous on May 13, 2010 - 04:50 PM

With a space shuttle ready to launch at Cape Canaveral there was a lot of discussion and warnings to the competitors to obey the 3 mile restricted space around the Cape. Any team that went inside this invisible barrier was sure to be disqualified from the race and possibly detained by security forces.

But with good navigation and careful sailing, all crews rounded the cape without creating any International Incidents or security problems. After the teams rounded, which involved some upwind work, they were able to fall off to a reach and pop spinnakers.

Another extremely fast leg with all teams completing the aprox. 90 miles in under 8 hours.

4:21:21 pm Royal Yellow (N20)
4:21:24 pm Velocity One (N20)
4:30:31 pm Royal Orange (N20)
4:39:03 pm Bugaboo (F18)
4:40:41 pm AHPC (F18)
4:44:12 pm Seacats Orange (N20)
5:00:12 pm Royal Blue (N20)
5:04:03 pm Velocity Five (Cat in the Hat) (N20)
5:07:09 pm Royal White (N20)
5:15:46 pm Velocity Three (N20)
5:17:13 pm Velocity Four (N20)
5:29:57 pm Seacats Adrenaline (F18)
5:35:14 pm Velocity Two (N20)
5:39:56 pm PepPod Sailing (F18)


  1. Larry and Bryan. I'm loving you guys, keep up the perserverance and good work. Bryan's Mom, Terri - Jupiter, Fl.
    This is so amazing for the sailors on their Cats. I really like checking on the web for the up-dates. Thanks to whomever is doing the terrific job. All my best of luck to All the teams! This is from: Bryan Paine's Mom, Terri!! will be checking again and oh thanks for all the photos too.

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