Amended Sailing Instructions

Contributed by photinos on May 12, 2010 - 06:25 AM

Section 9.4 of Sailing Instructions Amended.

9.4(Amended 11MAY2010) Sails & Boats (including masts and spars) shall be used for the entire race except when damaged beyond repair. Replacement of any major equipment, including sails, will be reported to, and approved by the Race Committee before commencement of the start sequence of the next leg. Note: The definition of major equipment shall be at the sole discretion of the Race Committee, however, as a general guideline, major equipment is defined as no more than broken rigging and/or one hull may be replaced (i.e. a boat may not be completely replaced).  If during a leg of the race a sail becomes severely damaged beyond repair and becomes unusable it may be allowed to be replaced with an alternate sail at the discretion of the race committee.  The alternate sail shall be of like size and dimensions to the original and must comply with all provisions of these Sailing Instructions.  Alternate sails will not be allowed to be carried onboard while racing.  In the event of a need for the replacement of any sail the Team Manager shall report to and receive the approval of the Race Committee before replacement.  The damaged sail shall be presented to the Race Committee for inspection at the first reasonable opportunity and no later than the Finish of the leg.  It is at the sole discretion of the Race Committee as to whether or not a sail is damaged severely enough to warrant replacement.  The replacement sail shall be marked as prescribed in these Sailing Instructions and used for the remainder of the event



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    Bill, you probably heard this, but in case not, fix text on the amendment on the site.

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