Wild Second Leg Produces a New Winner

Contributed by Damon_Linkous on May 11, 2010 - 12:59 PM

After the late night leg yesterday with the first boat arriving after six oclock, todays great winds produced some fantastic speeds.

 First to arrive at the beach was Team AHPC on their brand new C2 at 1:31:43 pm

Next was Team Bugaboo on the Hobie Wildcat at 1:34:03 pm

 Then Team Pepod came roaring in on a Nacra Infusion at 1:35:34 pm

 First three boats just 5 minutes apart on three different manufactures boats.

 Next to the beach in order

 Royal Yellow - 13:41:58

Velocity One - 13:47:18

 Seacats Adrenaline - 13:47:20

 Several more boats on the horizon now.. stay tuned.



  1. day 2 tybee 500
    The Jet Lag must be gone, Way to go AHPC.

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