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Contributed by John_Williams on Feb 10, 2010 - 03:25 PM

2010 Tybee 500 Race Planning Complete.

A few noteworthy items as teams begin their final preparations for the 2010 Tybee 500; the Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife Commission and NASA permitting is in final review.  It is important to note that there is a planned launch during our Cocoa Beach to Daytona Beach leg.  Security at the Cape will be particularly tight.  The race has been put in jeopardy for the last two years by teams that violated the exclusion zone, which is clearly delineated in the Sailing Instructions. Race administration is advised that such a violation cannot be allowed this year. We are on our last chance with NASA officials.  

Teams are hereby informed that a violation of the exclusion zone will result in immediate disqualification.  There will not be a time penalty assessed as in the past.  Race administration regrets that it has come to this, but continued violations of the NASA security zone have jeopardized the entire event.  There will be no excuses.

Teams that equipped SPOT locators last year found them to be extremely useful both for on-line spectators, ground crew and race officials.  In light of the demonstrated benefits, it has been decided that one SPOT locator per boat will be added to the required equipment list soon.  Race administration is trying to work with the distributor to provide a package to teams that do not wish to purchase the locator and the annual tracking subscription.  More information is forthcoming and you are welcome to contact the race committee with ideas and suggestions.  SPOT locators do NOT replace EPIRBs. 

GPS coordinates are forthcoming, but it is safe to assume that for locations where we are returning to the same host, the coordinates will be the same.  In the spirit of the race, sharing of this sort of information between teams is encouraged.  The coordinates for the exclusion zone marks are exact and will not change unless required under our permit. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife has noted a downward trend in sea turtle nesting along our route.  Our permit is under review and teams are asked to exercise particular care this year in contributing to the conservation efforts associated with this protected species.  Additional instructions will be given during the morning managers' meetings. 

The list of host hotels is posted - please make your reservations as soon as possible in order to maintain the room block.  


  1. So the message is
    Don't go near the security zone!

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